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Sorry, no 800 number here!

That's right…we don't have an 800 number.
Yes, we're real people on the other end of the phone; you don't even have to press 1!
We worry about the 'boring' part of your business so you can worry about what matters most!
Big business? We prefer small business. It's been our bread and butter for over a decade!

Welcome to Paper Trails!

You found us! Thanks so much! At Paper Trails, we believe in building relationships with all of our clients. We are locally owned and operated, and that means that we understand your business; we're geeks like that. Paper Trails was founded on the basis of trust, reliability, and community. That's right, we live, work and play right here in Southern Maine (we love it here!).

Wonder how we make that personal connection? It starts with our tried and true staff. We're fun, knowledgable, reliable, and friendly. When you call, we're smiling on the other end knowing that we're helping your business succeed. We are here to help you navigate the boring part of your business so that you can focus on what is most important, your customers!

We hope to hear from you soon. We're looking forward to it!