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Workmen's Comp-As-You-Go

Happy Employees
Pay your Workmen's Comp Premiums each payroll instead of once or twice a year. We transmit your wages to your insurance provider each payroll and deduct the premium due for that payroll only. No down payments!

We partner directly with:
We partner with
Zero Down Payment
or Installment Fees

Each insurer we work with does not require a down payment and there are no installment fees.

Paper Trails transmits
wages automatically

We transmit your wages to the insurer automatically each payroll. No need to submit reports annually.

Premiums are based
on the actual payroll

No more estimating or using historical wages. The premium is billed based only on the wages you actually pay!

No year-end audit

Because your insurer gets your wages each payroll, there should be very few surprises at your annual audit. It should be a breeze!

We work with only
A-Rated insurance companies

Paper Trails only partners wil A-Rated insurance companies who have provided services for small business like yours for decades.

Improving your cash flow
has never been so easy!

Don't worry about paying annual premiums ever again. We've made it super-easy to improve your cash flow!