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The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource your Payroll

Cost - If you have less than 50 employees it is almost always cheaper to outsource your payroll to a professional (like Paper Trails!).
Convenience - Just submit your payroll each week and the checks will arrive within 48 hours - either in your mailbox or your checking account!
Knowledge - Do you have time to learn all the tiny details the government tells you have to do? Do you want to pay the fines for not knowing these laws? Didn't think so!
Accuracy - We do this every day. We have the systems and controls in place to ensure that your employees are paid and your taxes are filed accurately the first time!

Our Payroll Services:

Personal, convenient

We're here for. Call in hours; ask us questions; make requests. We get to to know you and your employees and become a part of your team. Once you call in the hours, we take care of the rest. All tax payments are escrowed and made on your behalf.

Easy to use
online portal

You get total control. Log in any time and submit your payroll, review and create reports and make changes to your employees easily. In addition to standard payroll service, our portal integrates with our timekeeping, workmen's comp and other products. And, your employees can log in any time to view their pay stubs, make changes to direct deposit, and update W-4 information. Log into the portal now.

Direct Deposit, Paper Checks
or Electronic Pay Cards

Your employees can get paid any way they like. Direct Deposit your check into one or many bank accounts, have wages placed on a ReadyFund$ pay card for easy access at ATMs, stores and more, or get a good old fashion check. Learn more about ReadyFund$ Pay Cards.

Monthly & Quarterly
Tax Filings

Accurate and Complete. We will withhold and file your federal, state and unemployment taxes and applicable forms.


Instantly improve your cash flow. Pay workmen's compensation premiums based on actual wages, not estimates or history, each pay period. We work directly with multiple A-rated insurance companies and send wage information to them directly. Learn more about Comp-As-You-Go

Annual Reporting &
Tax Filing

W2s, W3s and 940s are ready at the first of the year. We don't waste any time getting you your year end forms and filing your annual tax reports!