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ReadyFund$ Pay Cards

~No Paper Checks
~Pay deposited directly on card
~No cost or obligation

~No more check cashing fees
~No monthly/re-occuring fees
~Use like a debit card
~Withdraw funds from ATMs
~Online Bill-Pay available
~Savings Options Available
Funds automatically
on card each payroll

Your pay check is automatically available on your ReadyFund$ card every pay day. No depositing, verifying or cashing.

Convenient online access and txt notifications

Check funds balances and verify purchases online 24/7/365 or setup TXT balance alerts.

Funds secure if card is lost or stolen

Your money is insured by FDIC up to $250,000 and are secure if your ReadyFund$ card is lost or stolen.

Use card as a debit
or ATM card

Make purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted or withdraw funds from any ATM.

Online Bill Payment
and savings plans available

Setup rent, mortgage or utility bills to be automatically paid through eZbillpay or save using eZsave

Add multiple direct deposits or other funds

Deposit funds to your card from your second job or spouse's job and funds will be available immediately.